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Man from Kemerov' (BG)
I had problems;
I went too far;
Lower bottom of lower hell
Me it seemed – not so deep,
I called my mother,
And mother was right –
She said, 'Instantly call up
Man from Kemerov'.
He is chary of words, like de Niro;
Only ill man argues with him.
You won't deceive him on the chaff,
He knows passages under the ground.
The sky will crash to the ground,
Grass will stop growing –
He will come and silently will correct all,
Man from Kemerov'.
Adam became a refugee,
Abel found himself on mobile relation,
Noah not finished what he was building,
Got drunk and fallen face in the mud;
The history of humanity
Would not be so wry,
If they guessed to contact
Man from Kemerov'.
They called me from Kiev,
Called from Kathmandu;
Called from the opening of plenum –
I told them that I will not come.
Will need to drink at night two liters of water
So that from the morning the head was whole –
Because today I'm going to drink
With man from Kemerov'.

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